Do you have a plan to go for a horse riding holiday? Maybe it’s your first time or maybe you’re an expert. Whatever the case, I know you want to look like a born and bred rider. I understand if you feel nervous when you’re just about to ride a horse. Well it will be advantageous if you feel and act confident. To make your horse riding activity awesome you only need to follow some tips.

1. Put On Your Horse Riding Gear

Don’t show up for the riding in a short skirt or some high heels. Look like you’re part of what you are doing or just about to do. Wear a pair of comfortable jeans and a t-shirt. For the footwear it’s advisable you wear some closed-toe shoes. A pair of boots will be most preferred. Look like a cowboy or a cowgirl.

2. Request For A Horse That Matches You

Ensure that the horse assigned to you matches you. For instance, if it’s your first time riding, you should be assigned a thick, slightly slower horse and one which is calm.

3. Ask the Horse Owner How to Handle the Horse

The horse owner is definitely aware of how each horse likes to be handled. Let him share how to go about it for the horse assigned to you. This will make you feel familiar with the horse as you approach it. Let the handler take the horse from the horse trailer, don’t do this yourself. The horse can sense people unfamiliar to it this may make it agitated. I’ve even seen horses kick and bang against the trailer and the handler didn’t have any horse trailer insurance.

4. Approach the Horse As A Friend

When you meet a friend you start by greeting them. Do the same to the horse you are about to ride. You will do this by extending your right arm offering the back of your hand to the horse. The horse will smell your hand and eventually touch it with the horse. This will create some type of bond between you and the horse.

5. Mount the Horse with Confidence

A horse being a living creature, it have feelings too. If you act uneasy it can feel it and be nervous about your riding it. This can result to some movement by the horse as you mount it and in case this happens you will fall. Horses are trained to be mounted from the left hand side. Don’t hurt the horse by pulling the horse down as you mount.

6. Maintain an Expert’s Riding Position

The best position to take for ease control of your horse is to sit upright and relax your back. You must balance yourself to ensure that the horse doesn’t feel like it burdened.

7. Hold the Reins with Ease

Don’t grasp the reins as if you are about to run a way but instead, be gentle. Have your arms relaxed. Pulling too hard will hurt the horse thus you must avoid hurting it. Actually you can use one arm to hold both reins. It will make you look like an expert in the horse riding activity.

8. Focus on Where You Are Heading

Don’t stare at your horse since you will lose focus. Remember you are the one riding the horse. Don’t assume that it has eyes and should know directions to follow. It’s your responsibility to control it. If you’re heading toward your horse trailer with it’s new horse trailer accessories be careful not to scare the horse and cause them to trip on the trailer ramp.

9. Be Affectionate To Your Horse

In a way horses behave more like girls. They want attention and to be treated like kings and queens. For this reason you must show love to your horse. Don’t forget that the horse will know when you’ are focused on it and when your attention is elsewhere.

10. Dismount Like An Expert

Don’t be too afraid to fall, it happens. I know if makes you feel inexperienced, especially if it’s your first ride. To avoid this embarrassment you have to dismount like an expert. Let someone hold the horse to keep it calm. If you’re by your horse trailer you can ride the horse alongside it, and use the horse trailer tires as a step stool.

If there are other tips and tricks you think our readers need to hear about please send us an email and tell us about it. We would love to hear from you!