Barrel racing saddles are lightweight saddles with wide swells and high cantle that allows the rider to sit securely, but also allows the horse to run very fast and make sharp turns. They are mostly made for speed. A barrel racing saddle is equally important to both those who train or compete in barrel racing.

This type is the smallest amongst others, not heavy and designed to make the rider more secure and allow free movement of the horse. It has free swinging feeders providing the ability for one to position his or her legs for better balancing and to always stay in the center.

Barrel racing saddles are designed in the way such that they have a front cinch and short skirt that enables the horse to bend, dig down and to curve around the barrels without interfering with the mobility of the horse.

The saddles are mostly waterproof making them simple to clean since one only needs a cloth to wipe it down. It has a nylon bind around the corners minimizing the chance of it tearing apart. This also minimizes the long process of oiling the saddle to maintain its good condition. The horse gets its maximum comfort through a synthetic fleece that is well placed underneath. It also has a complete matching headstall, breast collar, reins and saddle pads.

They are mainly size 16 or 18 inches. The reins are mostly thick. The barrel racing saddles are normally accompanied by free pads, but the quality of the pads is mostly poor hence cannot be used in running horses especially for long distance running, but it can be used for short distances and normal trails. These free pads always make an impact on the pricing of the racing saddles in the sense that if it’s accompanied by the free rod, the prices are relatively higher compared to when the pads are not accompanied.

As much as these saddles are mostly recommended, there are those who feel that its quality is not the best, hence preferring it for short distances rather than long ones. Others feel that the length is always short compared to the horse while others also felt that the prices were relatively high and couldn’t match the quality. Most of them are brown in color, but there are those that are black in color. Their prices mostly range from $150 to $300.

There are at least five saddle manufacturing companies in Texas while others are in Yoakum. There are some people who believe that these barrel racing saddles are made in India, but the entire raw materials come from the USA.

Horse riding is a sport that is endowed by many people especially riding horse competitions. This promotes massive sales of these racing saddles since a good number of horse riders wants to look appealing and attractive compared to his or her competitors. Also, they don’t hurt the back of the horse since their interiors are soft and fit well on the horse’s back.

Please comment on your experiences with barrel racing saddles and if you’re involved in this awesome sport. I love to hear about other’s experiences and happy riding.