Horse riding is a fun thing to do. Most people enjoy this experience. For it to be more fun one has to make sure that they wear full protective gear. This includes the horse riding gloves. Most people may think that gloves don’t play any role in protecting them, but they do bring a lot of importance with them.

Reasons Why Horse Riding Gloves are Important

To keep the rider’s palm warm – The horse riding gloves help to keep the hands of the rider warm, this warm allows good circulation of blood in the hand. They help to protect the rider from numbness, which may lead to accident. The warmness around your hands ensure that you can perfectly grip the reins as you ride your horse.

To ensure that you have a good grip – The gloves are well made to ensure you can hold tight to the reins without letting go. The gloves cannot sweat compared to bare hands. The gloves prevent friction force that Can be caused between your hands and the reins. It is therefore evident that the gloves will help you in gripping the reins strongly and tight making you enjoy your ride.

To protect your body in case of accident – For a normal person, when one trips and falls down the first thing that your instinct tells you is to throw your hand. The same thing happens when riding a horse and you fall. Having gloves on your hands will help you land with your hands and you may prevent the rest of your body from being injured.

Helps to prevent hands burns from reins – Holding right to the reins without gloves sometimes can lead to blisters. This is because of the friction between the hand and the reins. Having horse riding gloves will protect your hands from all these. Your hands will remain smooth and safe.

Prevent hand numbness – With the ability to provide a warm environment for your hands, the gloves ensure that your hands are not numb no matter the type of weather. This ensures that you are safe and you have the potential to grip the reins well.

To protect you while leading the horse – In order to lead the horse you must grasp the reins well. Sometimes the horse may be stubborn and it gives you a hectic moment and you may be forced to use force. The gloves will protect your hands from being torn by the reins while using force.

Protect your hands while grooming and mounting the horse – The gloves help you to hold tight to other equipment for grooming your horse. This helps you have a good grip while mounting the horse and setting it ready for riding.

Keeps your hands clean – The gloves help to protect you from contaminating your hands. Having gloves will always ensure your hands remain clean when grooming your horse. This will also help you have a healthy life.

Prevent a lot of sweating from your hands – Gloves help to ensure that your hands don’t sweat and become slick. Slick hands may lead to accidents due to poor gripping of the reins.

Provide a comfortable shelter for your hands – Apart from just making your hands warm, gloves also ensure that your fingers are protected from direct sunburn and even from anything in the surroundings that can harm them.


With all these advantages of using horse riding gloves it is your responsibility to make sure that you always wear them while taking a horse riding. Having them will make sure that you enjoy every moment you are riding your horse.

If you have other reasons why it’s important to wear riding gloves or if you have some gloves you’d recommend send us an email.