The world is full of different species of animals having their own uniqueness. Each of us relate to some or the other character in a particular species that we seem to grow fond of. But, the moment someone mentions about grace & fierceness, its certainly the horse that comes to our mind. It has always been a pride to own a horse of a specific breed amongst the elite class.

These horses have been trained for years to participate in International Riding and Dressage events. Dressage is considered as an Olympic Sport. It basically refers to the art of training & riding a horse in a specific way that it develops traits of discipline, balance & agility. The art also looks forward to the precise movements of a horse & expects the species to comprehend signals from riders with bare minimum effort.

So, for all the horse lovers out there who wish to own a breed that shines its way at the Dressage events, have a quick look at the top preferred dressage horse breeds.

1. Hanoverian Horses

They are warm blooded species, perfectly suitable for Olympic events. Hanoverian is a breed that was created in Germany. But, apparently now they are found on all continents. Since ages, they have been processing with the tag of prominent riding horses. They are tall & grow up to 1.75m or about 15 to 18 hands (unit of measure for horses). They often possess qualities of boldness white being sensible at the same time. They usually take long strides and have excellent jumping traits preferably why they participate in a variety of jumping, running & dressage events.

2. Westphalian Horses

Their origin is that of a German breed. These warm blooded species stand an amazing chance at winning almost all Olympic & International dressage horse breeds events. They too are tall horses growing up to 1.78m. They have a willing temperament that makes it easy to train them under strict regulations. As a result of which, they give excellent performance while managing to look graceful in their beautiful body.

3. Andalusian Horses

They belong to the Spanish breed although they were originally developed on the Iberian Peninsula. They are usually born with a darker skin tone and lighten with age. They are found in black, grey, white or bay. They are believed to have high intellect and ability to learn. They are highly energetic while being agile during dressage events, credits to their muscular back. They are medium sized with a height of 1.5m or 15.2 hands. They date back to 15th Century and were also known as Pura Raze.

4. Paso Fino Horses

They are a Caribbean breed that appear to be light on visual front thereby explaining their name, Paso Fino meaning light step. They are medium sized horses growing up to 1.58m. They indeed are a combination of being fierce and friendly when required. They are one of the less popular dressage horse breeds as compared to Hanoverian or Andalusian but perform well to the best of their ability.

5. Lusitano Horses

Almost similar to the Andalusian Horses, they too were developed on the Iberian Peninsula and were considered to be a part of the latter species till 1960s. They belong to the Portuguese origin and date back to 20,000 BC. They have also been used as war horses. They grow to a height of about 1.62m and are available in shades of grey, chestnut or bay. Apart from being one of the most preferred species amongst the dressage horse breeds, they participate in running & bull fighting events as well.

6. Holsteiner Horses

Belonging to the German origin, they are considered to be the oldest warm blooded species of horses In earlier days, they were used to pull carriages over long distances and to carry materials due to the strength they possess. They have an athletic appearance and strong back that makes them a fit choice for dressage sport. They are tall with a height up to 1.73m. With their arched neck and strong back, they have an amazing physical appearance. Also known to be very enthusiastic in nature.

Make sure to select the breed not only based on physical attributes but also considering functional potential. So, before the next Summer Olympic strikes, make sure to own the best choice amongst dressage horse breeds that vivaciously perform and return victorious. Which horse breed did you choose, tell us about it.