Horse riding competitions are a very relaxing past time activity for both an equestrian seeking glory from the sport or a watcher who will form part of the wild audience. Engaging in horse riding may be compelled by many reasons from having a relaxing moment with friends or watching your favorite horse in the competition. It is also an economic activity for some, the bookies who make loads of dimes from setting bets on the horses. For whatever reason you will definitely want to check out these horse riding competitions. So how do you find such competitions in your locality? Here are the various ways to keep tabs on the competitions involved with these graceful equines.

1. The Good Ol’ Newspaper

The newspaper or any other periodical publication in your locality will definitely have the right information on a lot of events taking place and horse riding competitions will not be an exception. You can check the sports section of the newspaper. There is a high chance these type of announcements will be posted there. If not, you may check on the events coming and you might find such events in this section. Take note of the date and time for a proper arrangement not forgetting gate charges in case there will be charges.

2. Check On Your Social Media Handles

Communication has really been improved thanks to technology and, more so, the advent of social media. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are great sources where you can get information on an event such as the aforementioned competitions. These platforms are mostly used as announcement and advertisement tools for such events due to the high chance of reaching a multitude of people who are social media users. Narrow down your search for events to “events near me” and you will get what you need.

3. Check On The Stadia Where Such Competitions Are Conducted

The stadia which are the racecourses where horse riding competitions are held are another good source for finding the information you need concerning where the competitions will be held. Such arenas, most of the time have noticeboards where important information is placed to pass important information. Information about competitions is definitely important and will tell you more about the competition in terms of the venue, participants, gate charges and time. Also in case of any changes, the notifications will be updated from the notice boards, hence it is a good and reliable information source.

4. Through Word Of Mouth

Being a participant or an avid follower of such competitions will definitely endear you to a group of like-minded individuals with interest in such competitions who may be part of your clique. There is a high chance that in this group there are one or more individuals with information on such competitions.


You do not have to miss out on a good time with friends watching some relaxing horse riding competitions. The outlined are the various sources on how you can get information on where such awesome activities are held.

I really hope you enjoy visiting the horse riding competitions around you. Tell us all about it.