Every day, a lot of horses are unkempt and maltreated somewhere. You can rescue these poor animals and help them find a kind owner, new home and better life. If you have rescued a horse and now want to see a better home for it, Here’s how you can help rescued horses find a new home

Keep it

Before going to find a new home for your horse, try to keep it yourself. Yes! Keeping a horse is costly, but you can reduce your expenses while still taking better care of that horse. You cut the cost by choosing the best and healthy feed within your budget.

Look for a horse lover

You might know of a horse lover who is always looking for a horse to keep. He might be interested in adopting that rescued horse. If you don’t know anyone who can adopt your horse, try using the internet and social media. Take a photo of horse and upload it, you will be surprised to find so many people open to adopting a horse. Before handing over the horse to someone, make sure they will take proper care of the animal.

Donate it

Donating can be another option for re-homing a rescued home. It might be a difficult way to re-home a horse because finding a good new home is always hectic.

1.  Animal Therapy Programs

You might have heard of organizations that offer animal therapy programs for physically or mentally challenged children and adults. These organizations have horse riding therapy programs as well and they may accept your horse as a donation. Remember that, they might have specific requirements for allowing an animal for their programs like health and temperaments etc. If your horse is eligible for them, they will take a few tests and will accept your horse for a 30 day trial for assessment and training. After all the procedure is completed, your rescued horse will get a better home, where organization staff will take proper care and provide healthy diet to the horse.

2.  College Riding Programs 

Look for a college or university in your town with an equestrian team. These colleges and universities train their equestrian team to compete in many different events. If the rescued horse is suitable for riding training or even race, they will be interested in it and can accept it as a donation. These institutes have facilities and will take good care of your animal.

3.  Riding Camps

Different community organizations have riding camps programs such as church groups, residential community organizations or even private organizations. If the horse is healthy and kid-safe, they will accept it as a donation. Before donating a rescued horse, please do proper research on reputation and facilities of that riding camp. Inquire about how and where they will keep your horse in winters or off-season, what will they do with your horse when its riding career is over.

Before choosing any of above options, please do your proper homework. Your choice and research will decide the future of that rescued horse. If you worked on it well, your horse could play a significant role in the treatment of a disabled child or training of a young athlete.

Look for a retirement home

There are so many horse retirement farms where you can re-home a rescued home. They provide shelter and take proper care of horses. Sometimes, they can charge your for their services, but these charges are lower than keeping a horse at home.