Today I’m going to be giving you guys some tips on how to keep your horse happy and healthy. We’ll cover the more general stuff to keep you and your horse happy and to avoid the vet coming out.

What Horses Eat

I personally feed all my horses in big trucks that are on the ground and the reason I mean on the ground verses on a mounted, is feeding on-the ground choke collar and respiratory reasons. They have their head down so it makes drainage– when the heads down everything drains.  That avoids respiratory irritant from other things– it’s better so they won’t choke.

Also another thing about feeding and trust is you can always ensure that your horse gets all of the supplements that you give it which is really important.  Especially if your horse’s on expensive medicines for arthritis or whatever, the issue is it’s really good to be able to know that they get that and it’s not somewhere buried in the dirt.

Checking your hay is super important to ensure that your horse is getting all the nutrients he needs and isn’t ingesting something that’s going to cause him an infection.  Sometimes if you check your hay, sometimes you’ll find leaves and other stuff that companies put in there just to fill it up!

Bad hay generally doesn’t have a lot of nutrition in it and that’s kind of the whole reason we feed. You want it to have a lots of like leafy material and you want it to be a pale green to gold color. And it should have lots of stuff in it and mature seed heads!  It should have the sweet smell if it smells musty or sour anything there’s a good chance that there’s mold in the hay and if there’s smoke in the hay that can cause a horse a lot of problems so just check.

What Horses Drink

Clean water is super important for us as it is horses. It’s not that hard to keep up.  A good way to test if your water is clean enough because a lot of people ask how like how clean is clean: Would you drink it?  Look at it and say, “Would you drink that willingly?”  We all get desperate sometimes, but would you drink it just on a regular.? Say “yes” then your water is clean and you’re providing a good source of water for your horse.  Horses need a lot of water.