Proper care of your saddle pads is very important. This involves the cleaning and storing. Not only does it prolong its use but also keeps your horse hygienic. It might seem an easy task but in the real sense it isn’t. You need expert advice to know the proper way to do it.

Clean According to the Type of Pad

You should, however, consider the type of pads you have. This will help you in choosing the best way to clean it. The level of dirt also determines how often you should clean your pads.

Brush Hair Off of Pad After Every Ride

Brushing hair out of the saddle pads is the first step to cleaning them. You should gently scrub the hair after every ride. This is also important when you want to wash the saddle pads. It is recommended that you wash the saddle pads using lukewarm water. This is water at about 30 degrees Celsius. If you use water hotter than this the elasticity of the saddle pads will be damaged.

Clean with Woolite

The type of soap best for saddle pads cleaning is Woolite. This protects the elasticity of your saddle pads. Below is a step by step guide on saddle pads cleaning.

– Soak your white pads in lukewarm water until it reaches the salt line.

– Apply Woolite soap on the pads leave it to soak for 15-20 minutes.

– Gently brush your pads using a curry comb in a circular manner. This will ensure that the dirt gets out to the edges of the pads.

Dark Colored Saddle Pads Require a Different Cleaning Procedure

If you are dealing with dark-colored saddle pad there is no need for warm water. Soak them in cold water with strong agitation. Gently wring them when rinsing. Be sure to use enough water to fully get rid of the dirt. When rinsing the pads you should do it at an angle. Do not spray on them directly. This might tear the inner parts due to the high pressure applied. Move the hose away from the pads.

Rinse Out All Woolite Residue

Properly rinse them. Rotate the pads to ensure the dirty soapy water flows outwards. This prevents it from seepping into the wool. If you leave any Woolite residue you are endangering the life of your horse. The residue may cause itching of the skin. It is advisable you thoroughly rinse the pads to avoid this predicament.

After through washing it’s important to properly dry them. Some pads can be hanged on the rails or on the gullet holes. Others that are woolen require to be laid flat on the ground. Avoid laying your pads on their backs to dry. This will keep the inner lacing intact.

Machine washing can be the best way to clean your saddle pads. However, this method might not work for some types of pads. Check the labels first before choosing this method. This is very important to ensure you don’t damage your saddle pads. Keeping your pads clean gives you a comfortable ride. It will prevent shock and give you a long service. It also ensures the health and safety of your horse. Don’t forget that you will also get value for your money.